Thursday, March 23, 2017

What are some issues today that you think people need to be aware of?

There are a lot of issues that people need to be aware of but one of them that really stands out is the lack of interest kids have for education. Education is power in this country and it needs to be used in order to have a better future. I say this is an issue because I was like that I didn't care about my education but when sophomore year came I realized that education is a very important thing that I could get a better job if I go to college and be happy with the job that Im gonna get. My kids would also be inspired to continue with their education It just doesn't only affect me but the generations that are coming its a never ending cycle. Not only is the interest of education an issue that people need to be more aware of but the government needs to better the education system in order for students to get more involve with wanting to learn. Another issue that people need to be more aware about is bullying. Bullying can hurt peoples mindset especially at a very young age. The memories stick in someones head which will often make them anti social. Even in their adulthood it makes it hard for them to make them forget about the time they were being bullied. There's a lot of issues in our society people need to be aware but by fixing one by one we can make our community better.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Preparing to read 1984: After reading the attached handout, as well as exploring other available resources: write your own definition of what the word “Orwellian” means to you. Does the word apply to our society today? Why or why not?

 What Orwellian means to me is that the government is trying to change our mindset without even knowing. Orwellian often leads to people believing on something but at the same time it isn't right. I think the word Orwellian does apply to our society because in our community everyone listens to the government because they have the most power. They have the ability to know where people are exactly at just by tracking them by their phone. The government can also tell the people to believe a certain thing for example in the book "Orwellian" It shows a Hitler post where it says "War is peace, Freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength". This was most likely used as propaganda to convince the people that this what the right things to do since they were the government. This is also happening in our society right now because of our president Donald trump hes convincing the people to keep immigrants out and making laws that will supposedly help our country and its actually working because hes with the government which will make him have more power than ever before. What hes trying to do for this country will probably ruin the economy that we live in all the prices for food and other supplies will rise but we can stop this from happening if we do our own research and to stop listen to other people because they're not always right. People have to think for themselves so other people will think for them.

Monday, January 23, 2017

If you could spend 15 minuets with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

If I had fifteen minuets to spend with anyone it would be God. The reason why I chose God out of anybody  is because it would be very interesting being with him he would tell me all the stories that he has to tell me. He would also give me a lot information like how earth was created or even what path I have to take in my life in order to have a good future. I can also improve  my mindset that I have right now by him telling me what I need to improve in order to become a better person not only for me but for my family and people I really care about. Improving my mindset will help me with my decisions that I make and being responsible of my actions. Everybody needs to change their mindset, God would tell us what we need to improve ourselves in order for all of us to come closer together. No matter who the person is anybody can change. Everybody needs to know what path they have to take in order to be a successful person and be able to provide for their family. Even in fifteen minuets we can get a lot of information to whoever we choose to be with during that time they developed knowledge during their life and learned from their mistakes. This is why I picked God he's with us no matter what, to help us when we mostly need him in any situation.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What goals do you have? How do you intend to move towards these goals? What can you learn from outside sources about setting and following through with goal achievement?

My goals for this year are doing better in school and making myself a better person financially and by personality. I attend to reach these goals by working very hard in school, not like last year I was being lazy and I waited until the last minute to get things done. Another way I'm gonna achieve this goal is by putting homework first than anything so it can get done quick so I wont have to do it at the last min. The way I'm gonna make myself a better person financially and by personality is by knowing what is bad about me and trying to fix it and make myself a better for the rest of the year and also the rest of the years. All of these goals that I'm trying to achieve will be done I just have to change my mindset in order to make better decisions for myself. What I can learn from outside sources is ways that I can focus in my goal without giving up. They can also show me how to be motivated enough to keep that goal. Not thinking about the goal will also help get the goal accomplished, making it a habit will make it easier in order to achieve it for the whole entire year. This will all lead to changing the mindset that we have in order to keep continuing our new year's resolution. This new year resolution will help us improve ourselves and the way we think.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Out of Your Comfort Zone

I don't really challenge myself to try new things or even get out of my comfort zone. The only reason I get out of my comfort zone or challenge myself is when I really have to for example in class when I have to present that's when I really challenge myself because Im not used to presenting and I don't like presenting I get really nervous and shy and my mind goes blank whenever I go up in front of people it gets me really uncomfortable. All of those times that I got out of my comfort zone helped me to improve my skill in order to present and so it can help me in the future once I get to college or even work to get a job because I can't be shy when Im in my interview that'll show them that Im not good with communication which will most likely not get the job. One thing that I learned from going out of my comfort zone is to never be scared to be wrong because being wrong is the way people learn always being right doesn't get you anywhere you don't get to explore the answer or question in order to find more answers or more questions. I learned this because when I was in class when I was little I was scared to be wrong but then i noticed that being wrong is good you learn more and more by being wrong and asking questions than always trying to be right.

How much of an American’s reality is shaped by the media?

I think Americans reality is really shaped by the media because people in this country don't really look for information they just rely on other people to give them information and the media. Media can sometimes be a useful resource in order to get information but at times they can make up a story in order to get more views. For example they can make up a story that's not true that they say could be happening around the world and a lot of Americans believe that story because they think the media is actually telling them the truth and they don't put the effort into finding evidence for that story if it's actually true or not. It has recently happened too with the presidential election people rely on the news or any other sort of media to give them the information instead of finding the information themselves which in some cases people don't really know why they are voting for a candidate they just do without any reasoning. Which mostly affects us because its our future and it could either harm us or improve us and our country. There are also other things that the media really shares about like how to improve our lives or health so we can live a happy life. Which media isn't just used for to learn about the open world but to know how to improve yourself or get opinions yo a situation that's happening in a person.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My life as a reader

As a child I didn't really like reading or any type of school work I just didn't like to do anything that had to be school relative I didn't really care about school when I was younger I didn't think it was useful to do my work or even read I thought it was really boring that I'll rather watch TV and do nothing. As years went by I entered 5th grade and I started getting really interested in books one book that was my favorite was the series called Percy Jackson it was one of my favorites I read three books which really interested me. Then after that I stopped reading I don't really know the reason why I stopped reading but since then I haven't really read a book I don't really have time for it anymore I have to focus in school and the other school work. The most recent time I read a book was in freshman year in English class we had independent reading time which was about thirty minutes or so but the book was pretty interesting it caught my attention while I was reading it. My parents don't really care if I read a book or not they just want me to do good in school and go on into college. Which I think reading will help me out in college because Ill need to be able to understand how to read and understand things from the text in order to succeed in college. I think reading is really important in order to succeed in life and other useful things.